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The Miracles of the Great Ginkgo Biloba

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

  • What is Ginkgo Biloba?
  • The plant extract that has been widely used in China.
  • The extract is also added to most health supplement meals.

Generally, it is a primeval plant extract that has been widely used in China to heal several health diseases such as mental disorder. In fact, most researchers have found that the plant “Ginkgo Biloba” is now the oldest living tree on earth, yet has the most useful and effective herbal medicine.


Today, ginkgo biloba is not just used in China, but it is used as a natural remedy all over the globe. In fact, according to the latest survey, millions and millions of money were spent every year to sustain this herbal supplement on the market because aside from healing mental illness, it also has the capacity to promote wellness.

In this article, we will talk about the natural health benefits of Ginkgo Biloba and its other healing capacities. But just a quick trivia, did you know that most health practitioners are now considering herbal treatments because of the wonders of Ginkgo Biloba?  If you’re curious about the effects of Ginkgo Biloba, you can get the best supplements at and use the right iherb coupon to avail huge discounts.

Here are some of the disorders that can be prevented if you use Ginkgo Biloba:


Glaucoma or Cataract, according to WebMD, “Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time. It’s often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye.”

Studies have shown that taking the prescribed amount of Ginkgo Biloba can help you prevent Cataract formation.

Mental Disorder

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are two of the most common mental illness among elderly people. Ginkgo biloba aims to regulate the blood flow to the brain, thus protecting the nerve cells.

Improve Brain Function and Memory Enhancer

Aside from using ginkgo biloba to heal mental disorders, the plant extract is also used to enhance memory and improve thinking. The extract is also added to most health supplement meals.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Quest Bars

  • Do you want to get fit and fabulous?
  • There’s another way to achieve that body you desired.
  • This article will talk about the benefits of quest protein bars that you never know about

Do you want to get fit and fabulous? Well, aside from going to the gym on a daily basis to work out, there’s another way to achieve that body you desired. In this article, we will talk everything about quest bars and its benefits.

Quest bars contain high levels of protein which is basically good for your health. Below are some of the benefits of quest protein bars that I bet you never know about.


Quest bars help you recover from muscle pains

If you’re the type of person who regularly visits the gym to work out, you’ve probably experienced severe muscle pains. But did you know that by eating or consuming protein nutritional products like Quest bars can help you recover from muscle pain and injury? Moreover, protein quest bars allow you to regain energy as it rebuilds tired muscles. Most athletes and body builders prefer eating quest bars before and after a workout session because they know it will help them avoid possible injuries along the way.

Quest protein bars help you maintain a stable appetite

As you know, protein bars help you feel full and content. Your appetite is maintained and therefore, you will never seek for food. According to experts, to become healthy and fit, you need to consume a well-balanced amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in every meal. By fulfilling the needs of your body, there’s a high probability that you can achieve the weight you desired.

Quest bars can help you lose weight

There are a lot of news, reviews and articles about weight loss programs and coaching. But basically, you only need quest bars to help you lose weight. Instead of paying expensive weight loss courses, you can buy the cheapest quest bars in all health shops and online market.

Protein bars are great. Aside from the fact that it can help you lose weight, protein bars also help us enhance our immune system.

Benefits of Taking Weight Loss Supplement

  • There are a lot of supplement guide resources available on the web
  • As obesity rates continue to rise, the availability and readiness of weight loss and natural diet supplements increase
  • These health products offer several benefits

According to the state of obesity website, the most recent data show ”rates of obesity now exceed 35 percent in three states (Arkansas, West Virginia and Mississippi), 22 states have rates above 30 percent, 45 states are above 25 percent, and every state is above 20 percent. Arkansas has the highest adult obesity rate at 35.9 percent, while Colorado has the lowest at 21.3 percent. The data show that 23 of 25 states with the highest rates of obesity are in the South and Midwest.”.


As obesity rates continue to rise, the availability and readiness of weight loss and natural diet supplements increase as for experts, it is one of the best solutions to control the most prevalent health disorder.

There are a lot of supplement guide resources available on the web that provides tips and tutorials on how to get and use the best weight loss supplements. These products offer several benefits, however, it should only be taken with caution and with the doctor’s consent. So in this article, we will give you two of the best benefits about taking weight loss supplement products.

Suppresses the Appetite

Although consuming food high in protein and fiber may help you feel full, these sets of food contain calories, and to be able to lose weight, there is a need to restrict high levels of calories. Most diets and slimming pills have side effects and one of it is to suppress the appetite, helping you to avoid sweet cravings.

Flushes excess body water

Another great benefit of taking weight loss supplement is it flushes excess body water or toxins in our system.  When taking pills or any natural powdered supplements, expert says that it is always best to pair it with more fluid consumption as it helps remove body toxins.

Where To Find The Best Football Gloves

glove 2Grip is the most significant feature that every lineman gloves should have. In a football team, the center is the first and primary player to hold the football, and the rest of the team will depend on how the center will control and manage the ball. In addition, the role of center players is to strike and block the ball with his hands. However, in order to do it perfectly, he needs a glove that offers an outstanding grip features, durability, protection and flexibility. In this article, we will discuss more about football gloves and where to buy the best football gloves.

In general, centers are advised not to use a full fingered football gloves since it reduces the ability to grip footballs. Experts says, in order to win the game, lineman and centers should use a half finger football gloves since it enhance the ability to grip the ball perfectly.

Most Common Drawbacks

Huge and extravagant football gloves offer the best hand grip protection but are needless for the lineman and center position. Immense gloves with paddings became a problem since it is heavy and does not have the ability to grip the ball. A more comfortable and half finger gloves are recommended to all football center players in order to play well. Bulky football gloves are unnecessary since it decreases its ability to grab balls from the opposing players.

Where To Buy The Best Football Gloves

Most sports houses have a lot of football gloves to offer. Consumers can also buy gloves online and sporting goods stores. Make sure to find a half finger gloves and never buy the wrong size football gloves again see source.

The most economical lineman gloves can be identified as flexible and light, but have unsatisfactory grip protection. The most expensive and costly gloves are the most durable, flexible, light and protective on the market, but are a little bit heavy. Some of the well-known brands provide adequate protection and hand grip.

6 Quick Tips For Healthy Hair

You want to have healthy hair that looks beautiful. Having good hair may make you feel a lot more confident. If you want to make sure that your hair remains in good condition, follow any or all of the tips below and watch just how well they work.

Brush Your Hair After It Has Dried

Unfortunately, many women and even some men make the mistake of brushing their hair while it is still wet from washing it. However, if you are brushing out knots while your hair is wet, it will be easier for you to rip pieces out and cause excess damage. Only use a comb until your hair has dried and then you can use a brush of your choice.

Wear Coconut Oil in Your Hair images

Purchase a container of coconut oil, pour a half cup of it into a container and heat it in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds. After washing your hair with some shampoo, pour the coconut oil over it and leave it to soak into your hair.

In fact, put a cap over your hair to keep the oil close to the natural heat from your head. Simply rinse after 30 minutes.

The oil may help your hair grow faster, thicker and healthier. It also prevents hair from looking dry and may protect against split ends too.

Take Vitamins

By taking vitamins, you are working on strengthening your hair from the inside on out. Vitamin E can help hair grow at a faster pace. It may also make your nails grow a bit faster too, so it is definitely worth taking.

Apply an Avocado Mask to Hair

Smash down one whole avocado and mix it with an egg white or a bit of olive oil. Apply it directly over your hair and leave it on for 60-90 minutes. The vitamins and nutrients are essential for your hair and may stimulate growth. After applying this mask to your hair on a weekly basis, you may notice that it looks healthier and shinier.

Protect Hair Before Styling

There are different products sold in stores and online that will allow you to keep your hair protected before you start curling it or straightening it. Use these products to keep your hair in the best condition possible and prevent some split ends.

Go for a Trim Every So Often

If you are trying to get your hair to grow longer, you might not like the idea of trimming the ends. However, it is better to maintain your hair and cut off the split ends so that you can keep your hair looking as healthy as possible. Your hair can still grow quite long.

If you start to follow the tips mentioned above, your hair should start looking better shortly after. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man and it does not matter if you have short hair or long hair. As long as you are taking good care of your hair, it will look healthy and beautiful. There are so many different African American hairstyles that you may try for your own hair.

My Quest Bar Review

Within my health and fitness quest I have attempted a number of protein bars. When you find yourself attempting to eat right and also monitor your nutrition appropriately, excellent treats are a must during the day. However, many of these protein bars turned into a glorified chocolate bar. Not necessarily great for me, and even bad for my weight loss journey!! So today, I’m talking about my own Quest Bar Review to find out if this is definitely worth the cash.

I don’t actually suggest to call out other protein bars badly, but this is just my own review. If you discover something you like that matches your needs, excellent! My solely anxiety about a few of the protein bars previously where which they incorporated such things as:

  • Substantial Sugar (some had up to 20g in one bar!)Excessive carbohydrate count when compared with fiber (hello fat storage 101!)
  • Dubious ingredients (hydrochloride, artificial sweeteners, etc).quest bar

So, just how does my Quest Bar review compare to those concerns? It is exactly what I will get to next:

Quest Bar Review on Taste and Quality

As it pertains down to creating a quality sum of proteins that will help your workouts, both high quality and taste are something that I consider when searching for the protein bar.

Fortunately however, Quest doesn’t have anything too ridiculous in their nutrients product labels. While there are some ingredients as they point out “contains under 2% of the following”, with regards to this Quest Bar Review, I’d state that that is nothing, particularly when compared with other options. Actually, I have lately changed my protein bars that I initially examined in my Supplements article with Quest Bar. Much less sugars, absolutely no sugar alcohols, and also a fantastic taste over-rules the other alternatives I had previously.

So, where can somebody buy cheap quest bars? You can buy them in online stores using coupons like Quest Bar coupon codes. Make sure to check the code properly before using.

Zinc Deficiency Problem

A written report published on the internet on March 17, 2015 within Molecular Nutrition and Food Research unveils how becoming lacking in the mineral zinc leads to defense disorder and chronic irritation, which is involved with coronary disease and other circumstances.

Emily Ho of Oregon State University (OSU) and also her co-workers analyzed the results of zinc deficiency in cell civilizations and older rodents. The team noticed a boost in the reactions of the cytokines interleukin 1beta and interleukin 6 following a management of an inflammation-provoking material to human white blood cells referred to as monocytes. In older mice, zinc insufficiency was also connected with an boost in interleukin 6 gene appearance. zinc

Zinc deficit stimulated inflamation related reaction partly by eliciting aberrant defense cell activation along with changed promoter methylation. The results suggested potential interactions between zinc status, epigenetics, and immune function, and how their dysregulation could contribute to chronic inflammation.

Any time you are taking aside zinc, cellular structure that handle swelling seem to trigger and react in a different way; this will cause the cells to enhance more irritation.

About 12% of U.S. citizens and almost 40% of people 65 and older neglect to acquire sufficient zinc. Along with ingesting less of it, older women and men are less capable at taking in the nutrient. It’s a double-whammy for elderly people. We believe zinc deficiency may perhaps be a more impressive issue than most people realize. Avoiding that insufficiency is important.

Life Extension has a team of naturopaths, nurse practitioners, health professionals, and individual coaches are typically here for you. Having a simple toll-free call, every single day of the season, they can response the questions you have on wellness, and they’ll gladly produce a regimen of supplements, diet, and workout that’s personalized for your requirements. Just another advantage of membership. Life Extension produces quality health supplements to cater your needs. Try their products with discounts using a Life Extension coupon.

Cabbage and Kale Slaw Dressing and Salad

Have you ever heard? Kale is “trendy” nowadays. Actually, it might be around the tail end of its hip popularity, I’m guessing the kewl kids have moved onto something different, like radicchio, ramps, or radish tops. “Hot” or otherwise not, kale is fine by me; we enjoy our greens here. Kale and cabbage jointly absolutely are a classic combination, particularly seen in Irish colcannon mashed potatoes.

Cabbage and kale are related-both are brassicas, and both of them are strong crops that store well and may survive through winter seasons. It’s natural to locate them savoring each other’s company inside a shredded slaw salad such as this one.

Pulling this slaw together is really a tangy buttermilk dressing, some type of ranch dressing, with notes of caraway. It’s perfect to offer together with fish or seafood, along with the caraway could be excellent with pork and potatoes too.


Dressing Ingredients: Cabbage and Kale Slaw Dressing

1 Tablespoon of chopped shallots
2 tsp Dijon mustard (whole-grain or smooth)2 tablespoons champagne vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
6 Tablespoons of buttermilk
2/3 glass organic olive oil
1 tsp caraway plant seeds
1/2 tsp salt
Bit of white pepper (can sub pepper)

Healthy salad Ingredients:

4 glasses very finely sliced green cabbage (about 1/2 a sizable head)
1 glass very finely chopped up red onion
1 glass, crammed, very finely sliced curly or perhaps lacinato kale


1. Heat a little sauté pan on high temperature. Add some caraway seeds to your pan. Stir the seeds inside the pan and also heat them until they can be warm and fragrant, then remove from pan. Usually do not brown them. Mash all of them with a mortar and pestle or mince them up finely using a sharpened knife.

2. Add some shallots, mustard, and vinegar in a bowl, whisk to mix. Whisk inside the buttermilk. Slowly dribble within the organic olive oil, whisking to produce an emulsion. (You may also put everything right into a jar, close the jar and shake vigorously to produce an emulsion.) Whisk within the caraway seeds, salt, and pepper.
3.  Put the very finely sliced cabbage, red onion, and kale right into a large serving bowl. Sprinkle with dressing and put to mix 10-15 minutes prior to serving. Additionally, put some Walden Farms dressings to get the taste that you long for. Have it using a Walden Farms coupon to get your savings.

The amount Sleep You Need

When you’re struggling to satisfy the numerous requirements of your day, reducing sleep may seem just like the best solution. Who is able to have the ability to spend a great deal time resting, in any case? The simple truth is you can’t manage not to. Actually minimum sleep loss has a toll in your disposition, energy, and ability to deal with anxiety. By being familiar with your nightly sleep requirements and what you’re able to do to recover from persistent sleep loss, you are able to ultimately get on a proper sleep routine.

The effectiveness of sleep sleep help

A lot of us attempt to sleep as low as possible. There are plenty of issues that seem more fascinating or essential than acquiring a few more hours rest, and as physical exercise and nourishment are crucial for optimal health and wellness and pleasure, same goes with sleep. The caliber of your sleep specifically impacts the standard of your waking life, {in addition to your|together with} mental sharpness, efficiency, psychological balance, creativeness, physical vigor, and even weight. Hardly any other activity provides a lot of advantages with so no work!

Comprehending sleep

Sleep isn’t precisely a period when the body and brain turn off. When you rest, your mind remains busy, managing a wide variety of natural routine maintenance that maintains your body operating in good shape, preparing you for the entire day in advance. Lacking the necessary hours of beneficial sleep, you won’t have the ability to function, understand, create, and speak at a level even near to your true possibilities. Frequently skimp on “service” and you’re going to a significant physical and mental dysfunction.
The good thing is you don’t have to make a choice from health and efficiency. While you start to get the sleep you require, your energy and effectiveness will increase. Actually, you’re likely to discover that you in fact achieve more throughout the day than whenever you were skimping on shuteye.

If you want an aid on your sleep, you can try Breathe Right nasal strips. This product is drug-free and clinically proven to instantly cure nasal congestion, aiding you to breathe better and sleep better. Get a Breathe Right Coupon code and get your discount.

Things to Make you More Attractive

Any beauty-crazed woman knows the inner workings of beauty items and fancy tools. But, a lot of us aren’t as educated around the items which make us pretty that you simply can’t get in the wonder aisle. Take a look at these five little gems which will certainly surprise you and more to the point, improve your beauty game permanently!

1. Silk Pillowcase

Think about this a reason to splurge on fancy new pillow cases! Silk does miracles for the skin as well as your hair!
Because it’s an all-natural material, it’s hypo-allergenic (good!) and it is also full of proteins (great!). Did we bring it up soaks up moisture and changes to any or all temps? (Really, great!) Which means the skin will not be adhering to some sweaty pillow case and accumulating pore-blocking oils, while hair stays soft and static free while you snooze. Yes, please!

2. Humidifier beauty

Although it’s typically a must-try when you are feeling stuffed-up and gross, humidifiers are the ultimate skin lotions for the skin. These steamy products are wonderful at keeping the skin supple, mainly in the winter several weeks once the air is dry and windy. Leave your humidifier on while you sleep and you will be getting out of bed lovely, hydrated skin. It brings new intending to the word “beauty sleep!”

3. Water Purifier

Shower time is among the most significant stages in your skincare routine. Taking a shower the proper way often means the distinction between dry, brittle hair and hair with mega shine! Unfiltered, calcium in the water consists of a lot of  swimming pool water and harmful toxins, which could really place their toll on the skin and strands. For this reason water cleansers by means of showerhead filters are important. These little bad boys help to improve skin and hair hydration while increasing shine and manageability.

4. Coconut Oil

If nature were built with a beauty store, coconut oil could be her star product. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrition, coconut oil may be the ultimate moisturizer in it for the hair and skin. Utilize it being an overnight hair mask or like a moisturizer in it for the body and face. You may also combine it with just a little sugar and you have your scrub!

5. Baby Powder

Why must babies have the enjoyment? Enjoy your inner infant and perform a little decorating! Baby powder is ideal for absorbing oil also it can also aid step-up your game! Get faux lashes with no “faux” by sinking a cotton wool ball in baby powder and coating lashes after using mascara. Then apply another coat of mascara and, voila, thick, lovely lashes will like magic appear!

If you are looking for beauty product tools to enhance your beauty, try Real Techniques. They have a well-known bold-metal collection that will surely make you feel and look beautiful. Get your discount by acquiring Real Techniques Coupon Codes. 

Proud to be a Life Extension Product User

I have always been a Life Extension product user ever since before I got married. It has become part of my daily regimen to use their products. I believe in the quality of products they produce as I have experienced real results. Indeed, Life Extension products deliver their promise to give the best nutritional supplement.

Life Extension responds favorably to my body probably because, their products are made from the natural ingredients.Since then I love the feel of their products and the effects are truthfully positively nourishing.LE

That is why I never had second thoughts of what products to use for my child. I make sure that I give the best to each moment spent with my little one. I know for a fact that children have an active lifestyle. So, I make sure he gets the best care from me thru Life Extension Children’s Formula.

Glad that I have known Life Extension for some time and was aware of the line of products that they have. Also, I learned that their product contains nutrients that is suitable for children four years and older. Somehow, Life Extension has been my companion in caring for my child and tending to his nutritional needs.

Among all of the healthy products of Life Extension, I specifically use some of their vitamin E products to nourish my skin, vitamin C products to strengthen my body and other Life Extension supplement. Lately, I have decided to try their Essential Daily Nutrients product to maintain my overall health.

What’s more exciting right now is that Life Extension gives away coupons for discounts to their customers. You can also get a Life Extension discount coupons for their products suitable for children. Now, we all can experience the best pampering and vitamin supplements  for ourselves and loved ones.

Let’s Try To Know More About The “Low-Carbohydrate Diet”

In an effort to end obesity or treat diabetes, numerous diet programs were created, one of which is the famous low-carbohydrate or also called low-carb diet. This program restricts the consumption of simple carbohydrates (food easily digested like sugar, bread and pasta) and is replaced by foods containing higher percentage of fats, protein, less carbohydrate, and selected fruits and vegetables.

The main purpose of these programs is to prevent or treat common chronic illnesses that include heart disease, digestive conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Despite its novel purpose, low-carb dieting has a rich history. Let’s go back to where the whole concept started.

Prehistoric Era ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Several proponents of low-carb diets argued that this program has prehistoric beginnings. During the era where agriculture was not yet discovered, man survived through hunting and gathering food. Archaeology tells that humans evolved from vegetarian diets common to Apes, to a greater level of meat eating. Humans at this time have relatively low carbohydrate consumption and were physically fit. Meat is only preferred when ecologically possible, while plant vegetation predominated. Wild plants have much lower carbohydrate and higher fiber content compared to modern cultivated crops. It has been argued that no evidence indicates that humans are adapted to a single paleolithic diet over the vegetarian diets over the last 30 million years.

During the 1900’s

Throughout the 19th century, extreme low-carbohydrate diet was a basic treatment for diabetes. William Banting, a former undertaker from England who used to be obese, released a booklet where he initiated a diet for weight loss which includes giving up butter, milk, sugar, beer and potatoes. People liked the booklet very much and spread rapidly.  This is the reason why the term “Banting” was closely associated with dieting.

Since then, numerous theories and books about dieting were published. Two books were even released on the same year discussing different kinds of low-carb diet programs: “The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet” and “Life Without Bread”. However, it was not known in the English speaking community.

Currently, low-carbohydrate diet is strongly associated to the use of Optimum Nutrition Essential Dietary Formulas. The world wide web has contributed greatly to the popularity of the Optimum Nutrition Coupons since it provides a great and exciting discounts to numerous optimum nutrition fans.

Whole Foods and Supplements that Promote a Healthy Body

One of the most true expressions on this planet is �you are what you eat.� Indeed, those of us who consume large amounts of junk foods will often feel absolutely dreadful. With that being said, those of us who are conscious about our diet choices and eat healthy, nourishing foods often feel amazing every single day! There are certainly many whole foods and supplements on the market right now which can make anyone much healthier and by going to iherb and applying an working and verified Iherb Coupon you will save up to 50% on your first purchase. This article will go through some of the most effective supplements and foods that are known to promote a healthy body.

healthy foods on iherb whole foods section

Taking magnesium supplements regularly can do great things for men and women who have anxiety and stress issues. Magnesium works by helping and alleviating tired and stressed nerve endings, amongst other things. The amount of men and women worldwide that suffer from stress and anxiety has gone up drastically in recent years. One great way to deal with such a condition is to take magnesium supplements to promote a healthy state of mind and to help fix tired and stresses nerves throughout the body.

Vitamin A is a supplement which often doesn�t get the recognition it deserves. Taking regular vitamin A supplements can do wonders in promoting a healthier you. One of the great things vitamin A does is it promotes vision as well as immunity from certain diseases. Vitamin A has been known to be very effective in reducing the duration of such diseases as influenza in a whole range of people. Vitamin A supplements are great to take during flu season. If you want to know more about these vitamins checkout our post here.

When it comes to whole foods, corn is one of the best foods to incorporate in your diet on a regular basis. Many people seem to overlook corn due to its low cost, but it truly is an amazing whole food. Corn has amazing properties to help with digestion as it is high in good, insoluble fiber. In addition, corn has great anti-oxidant properties which can significantly help in the prevention of such conditions as cancer. There really are a large amount of great benefits that come with eating corn, don�t be one of those people who overlook this wonderful vegetable!

The supplements and whole foods discussed in this article have been proven to be extremely effective in promoting a healthier body in both men and women. Once more, these supplements and foods are relatively cheap compared to many other health products on the market.

Is There Any Federal Regulation On The Use And Making Of Dietary Supplements?

Supplementing our diet is the primary intent of dietary supplements which are not a sort of drug, so they cannot be put into use for mitigating, diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing diseases. The Food and Drug Administration FDA is called the federal agency to regulate medicines and dietary supplements. Because of the supplements’ intended use being not for directly medical purposes, the federal regulation is not much strictly imposable upon them.

What FDA does?

Concentrated Fiber Capsules OR Fresh Salad

In general, over-the-counter medicines or prescription drugs are thoroughly regulated by FDA before they are commercially marketed. But the same thing is not done on dietary supplements. While these products require no approvals or premarket reviews, manufacturers of these supplements are solely responsible for any discrepancies or misleading information. Therefore, they should be accountable for bringing in the evidences or scientific information along with supportive data so that they can prove that their products are safe.

Which claims dietary supplements may come with?

Since dietary supplements are exclusively meant for health, they are often marketed with some certain claims on the labels. Manufacturers have to bear in mind that these claims are not essentially identical to marketing pitches. Rather, they are often permitted to state that this is a dietary supplement that supports health, addresses nutrient deficiency, works as a dietary tool etc. in addition, the claim that this supplement is typically linked to one or two particular physical functions including heart health and immunity.

With the above claims, there are other words which must be included. The fact FDA has not evaluated this statement should be mentioned. In addition, another statement should be mentioned that this supplement is intended to neither diagnose and treat nor prevent or cure any disease.

Fair practices adopted by manufacturers:

There are different good practices which manufacturers must pursue so that they can ensure that their supplements have the proper identification, strength, composition and purity. They must account for anything that goes beyond the ideal practices or safety concerns.


What FDA can do if something happens that is not allowed?

Once FDA finds that a certain supplement is not safe for human consumption; the administration preserves the right to take appropriate enforcement actions in order to cooperate with the manufacturer for voluntary recalls of the product. If something is totally unacceptable, FDA can legally force remove the supplement from the marketplace.

What Are The Safety Concerns And Risks Associated With Today’s Dietary Supplements?

Today’s supplements which we use for dietary purposes typically include different ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, herbals and botanicals. Being not a particular type of medication, dietary supplements can be available in different forms including traditional tablets, powders, drinks, capsules, and energy bars. Nowadays, supplements that are popular mostly include minerals like iron and calcium; vitamins like D and E; herbs like garlic and Echinacea; and different types of specialty products such as fish oils, probiotics and glucosamine. All these are somehow naturally obtained ingredients. However, we must make sure if they are risk free products. Do we know if they are quite safe and healthful?

Safety and risk concerns:

Dietary Supplements

As a whole, dietary supplements are beneficial but only when used with caution. Many supplements have active ingredients in them which may put strong effects on consumers’ body. So, it is recommended for any consumer to be careful about the likelihood of unwanted side effects when using a new supplement or a supplement that uses new ingredients.

Supplements and prescribed drugs:

Many people seem to use supplements instead of prescribed drugs. In this case, supplements can cause harm or negative side effects. Some people tend to use both of them in combination. There are some supplements which severely interact with prescribed drugs or medicines. Therefore, consumers become vulnerable to health related problems. For example, some supplements are likely to increase bleeding. If you take the supplements after or before any surgical procedure, it may affect your response to anesthesia.

Some examples showing how supplements interact with other medical conditions or drugs:

  • If a supplement that contains Vitamin K is taken, that ingredient may cause reduction to the strength of a blood thinner like Coumadin®. Consequently, the thinner will not be properly able to prevent one’s blood from getting clotted.
  • John’s wort is known to speed up the likely breakdown of different types of drugs like birth control tablets or pills and antidepressants. Thus, the effectiveness of the drugs is likely to come down to an unwanted level.
  • As mentioned above, many supplements contain various antioxidant supplements including Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These antioxidants might affect the way different cancer chemotherapies work. In most cases, a significant reduction in their effectiveness can be noticed.


Something about the supplements that you hardly know:

Dietary equipments

Some ingredients which today’s dietary supplements use are also regularly added to many of our daily food items like beverages and breakfast cereals. So, we usually receive more of these active ingredients than we can even imagine. What we must remember that more cannot always be better.

Why more is often the worse?

Taking anything in excess than your physical needs can be harmful because you have to spend more money and undergo more side effects than the usual. For example, if Vitamin A is taken too much, the consumer can experience liver damage, headaches, reduced strength of bones and birth defects. If iron is taken in excess, the consumer may experience vomiting and nausea with other issues like the possibility of having liver or different other organs damaged.

A little information for pregnant women:

Pregnant women or nursing mothers must be cautious when using dietary supplements. It is medically recommended that a child is not given something beyond the basic mineral or multivitamin product. All pregnant females or nursing mothers must know the fact that most of today’s dietary supplements are not well tested and clinically proven to be safe for pregnant or nursing women.

What if any reaction is felt acutely?

Dietary supplements when taken in an excessive dosage without proper consciousness may breed serious reactions in a person’s body. The affected individual must contact his or her health care provider immediately. The company that markets the supplement should also be notified. Also, the individual can inform FDA of his or her experience by means of reports.